Application for Self-Help Homes


Start the Pre-Application/Waiting List Process:

  1. Fill out our Self-Help Homes Pre-Application.  Please have a two-year income history available when filling out the form.  You will need to upload the following income documents (if applicable): two paycheck stubs, or one month's worth (whichever is greater), child support, Social Security income, or any other non-wage income. Upload the Schedule(s) from your two most recent tax returns, if you are self-employed. PDF format is required for all documents.  *NOTE: YOU WILL RECEIVE AN ERROR MESSAGE IF YOU TRY TO SUBMIT YOUR PRE-APPLICATION WITHOUT UPLOADING YOUR INCOME DOCUMENTS* If you have questions, please call Self-Help Homes at (801) 375-2205. Someone from our office will usually contact you regarding your application via phone/email in about a week.

Please Note: Self-Help Homes will maintain a Waiting List for the areas where we are building. Each applicant will be placed on a Waiting List by order of the date their Pre-Application is received by Self-Help Homes. When we are ready to organize a group and begin accepting Full Applications, we will start at the top of the Waiting List and begin calling families until we fill a group.

Application priority may be given to:

1. Families with very low incomes

2. Families that are ready at the time we call for a Full Application


To Start the Full Application Process:

  1. Print and fill out the Full USDA-RD Application and additional documents.

  2. Print and gather all documents according to your area. Checklist for Central Utah   Checklist for Southern Utah

  3. If you are Self-Employed, print and fill out the YTD Income vs Expenses
  In order for Self-Help Homes to properly process your Full Application, you must have all documents with you at the time of meeting. 
Please do not fill out the full application unless requested by a Self-Help Homes representative.