Success Stories

This is a miracle! We cannot express in words how blessed we feel to be a part of this journey and to have the opportunity of building a brand new house."

- JeanPierre and Amy Van Tonder

Thank you for giving us the opportunity of a better life. For seeing me more than just the girl that takes out the garbage and that you believe I deserve a helping hand. Thank you. You have made our dream come true. I hope to be able to do the same for someone else someday."

- Haley Robinson

With our new house and community, we now feel like we have found the perfect place to raise our children and to call home. We put our best work into building these homes. We didn't have much, if any, building experience when we got started. But, now we are confident and ready to tackle anything that may need to be done to our home. If anyone is considering this program but just not sure if it's the right move, I strongly encourage you to do it. Don't drag your feet and waste time. This will be one of the best things you do for your future. At least it was for us."

- Justin & Alyssa Bernard

It has been fun to spend Saturday mornings and weekday evenings getting to know and work with our neighbors. The supervisors have been positive, supportive, patient, and encouraging along the way. The hardest part about the program is putting in the hours. It has been a sacrifice for both of us pulling double time at home and work...but after these months of building, the sacrifices are worth it to have a home and our name on it for years to come."

- William and Rebecca Baguley

We are so grateful for our new home and the Self-Help Housing program. It has been such a blessing for us and an answer to our prayer!"

- Sarah Carter Lloyd

We built with Self-Help Homes in 2010. We have been in our home for almost 6 years now. It wasn't the easiest thing we ever did but we continue to benefit from building our own home. We learned so much during the building process and have been able to finish our basement on our own without having to pay others to do all the work. We know everything about our house inside and out which has made it easy to make changes/upgrades to our home throughout the years. If I could go back I would do it the same all over again!"

- Steve and Meredin Newcomb

We LOVE our Bungalow RHDC / Self-Help Home! We were part of #Group28 just over 5 years ago, in the Winegar Estates Subdivision just north of the Payson Temple, and we are so glad to live with our fellow neighbors who we built with! Some of our group have since moved away, but we continue to cherish the relationships we developed during our time together! Thanks again Self-Help Homes for bringing us all together in a neighborhood that we continue to be glad to be part of!"

- Joseph and Aubrey Wright

We built our first home with Self-Help Homes in 2002. It was an amazing experience that helped us get a beautiful home that we could not have afforded otherwise and provided us with a skillset that we have utilized many times since."

- Scott and Shandi Wyckoff

We thank you for accepting us into the Self-Help Program. We cannot express enough gratitude for what this program has done for our family. Without your extra efforts, our dream of having our own home would have been impossible! Our family will never forget your contribution. We are forever grateful."

- The Adam West Family

This experience has been amazing. It's been exciting to see all the houses going up and learning skills we never thought we would have. It really was something that we looked forward to doing each day. We are so excited to actually be able to say we are homeowners, and it's all because of this program."

- Deana Chavez

The best part is having two bathrooms. Trying to fight five daughters for one bathroom is impossible."

- Cathleen Fraser

I really can't believe what an amazing program this is. I can't believe we're in such a a nice home (especially compared to the 'fixer-uppers' we were looking to buy. It's peace of mind, knowing that everything has been built with the best quality and standards. Not to mention the energy efficiency. This house is perfect for us and it still seems so unreal. Thanks for your support and help. I still remember being so surprised that everyone at the office was so kind and helpful. And working with Spencer was a really positive experience. I've learned so much and continue working on the basement and other projects around the house and yard, using much of what I learned while building. It was such a great experience and I see the whole program as a blessing. What a wonderful gift this program has given us."

- Tausha Coats and family

Thank you so much for making our dreams come true and making the impossible possible."

- Josh and Camille Kmetzsch

I have so much to say about how wonderful this program is. This program has worn me out but at the same time has given me my freedom. I was at my house the other night and a thought hit me really hard... 'I did this. I built my home. Wow.' You know I hear some people at work say 'we are building a new house' and I think.... ummm, no you're not!!! You are paying someone to 'build your house'! I can say 'I built my house' but do you know my favorite part???? I made a lot of friends. I love these guys. I learned a ton about building and about my neighbors."

- Carol Harmer

Group Sixteen would like to thank each of you for helping us build our homes. Our group has a great work ethic and eagerness to finish our homes in a timely manner. We have high expectations for ourselves and strive to meet the goals that is outlined for us each week....We are enjoying the experience of working together in building each other's homes. We are not only building homes, we are building a small community encircled with lasting friendships. Thanks for providing us with such an amazing experience. Our success is due to your dedication and hard work!"

- Group 16 in Alice Court Subdivision

My husband works for Utah Railway... He worked all day, and as soon as he got off work, he went and built houses for the rest of the night, and then all day Saturday. It's worth it, we love our house."

- Joelle Wilson

It builds self-confidence. No words can describe how it feels to be a home owner. I’m ecstatic and my children tell all their friends and teachers. My son keeps saying it’s such a beautiful home."

- Monica Wayman

We never thought there would be any way we could have a home. We’re just excited; this has been such a blessing to us."

- Krista Thurman

We love working with the people in our group. This has been a great thing for us to build a really nice home in a really nice place for our two little girls to grow up in. If it wasn’t for the Mutual Self-Help Program, we wouldn’t be able to own our new home. This is the best program to help people out with getting a home of their very own and to know that they don’t have to pay rent on a house or an apartment or rent a pad in a trailer park. Thank you, Mutual Self-Help Program, for everything you have given my family and for my new friends."

- Alisha Hatfield

Its fantastic, we are so lucky we found it. We have been renting for six years, and my pay hasn’t gone up, so I thought it could never happen. I wish everybody in our circumstances could be in it."

- Jared Ruiz


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