As a volunteer you help the families we serve accomplish the dream of home ownership.

The families you will be serving greatly appreciate your efforts as you work with them to build their home from the ground up. You will be working directly on these families’ homes and often alongside them as you both build a group of 4 to 10 homes.

After all the homes in the group are built, then all the families are able to move in to their individual homes at the same time. Please come help! It is our mission to provide quality affordable housing and build communities and neighborhoods.

Who to contact


Jeremy Phelps: jeremy@selfhelphomes.org

Salem and Nephi

Scott Turtle: scott@selfhelphomes.org


Nate Barker: nate@selfhelphomes.org


Success stories

Many participant families have a story to tell. Below are some of those who were willing to share their struggles and accomplishments in achieving the “American Dream” of owning their own home.


We’re here for you

To get your name on a waiting list, please take a minute to fill out a pre-application. Don’t be surprised if you get called earlier than expected as waiting lists tend to go quickly.

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