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Wells Fargo donates money, labor to help with housing

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-by Kristin Murphy – Deseret News

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Volunteers from a bank helped to build homes with their work and their wallets on Wednesday.

Wells Fargo employees helped Self-Help Homes build houses in Saratoga Springs. In addition, Wells Fargo donated $15,000 to Self-Help.

Self-Help Homes is a program sponsored by Rural Housing Development Corporation, a nonprofit charitable organization. The mission of Rural Housing Development Corporation is to provide quality affordable housing opportunities to individuals and families living in Central Utah.

You will want to start referring all your friends and family to SHH because we are also going to reward you for sending in your friends and family to see if they qualify. If you refer someone to Self-Help Homes and they fill out a Pre-Qualification Application and list you as the person referring them, and then they don’t qualify for the program, SHH will provide you with a $25.00 Gift Card to a local restaurant or store.

You must make sure that your name, address and phone number are listed on the Pre-Qualification Application at the first appointment for any payout on these incentives. If the name is added after the first appointment, the incentive will not be awarded. Don’t wait!Refer someone today so you won’t miss out on these great incentives! Some restrictions apply.

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